Organic Beats interviews Nubian Mindz

Here’s a recent interview I did with Organic Beats.

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For all booking enquiries contact me here or

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New Mind, New Frontiers

We are now at a time when the possibilities are truly endless. Technology continues to advance unabated, old institutions disintegrate on a daily basis and quantum physics is completely reshaping our understanding of the Universe.

Looking at the tools available to us I can’t help but get excited at what lies ahead for the adventurous, creative types of this world. At this point, I believe limits are a thing of the past, a word to be discarded from the modern vocabulary altogether.

So you have to ask yourself what’s holding you back from getting where you want to be and doing what you want to do?

I’ve asked myself that question a few times and the answer that continually pops up is me, myself and I or, more accurately, my mind.

Now please bear with me as I go slightly off track….

I’ve been away from music since 2008 living in Zombieland (the world of the 9-5) and have battled and reasoned with my thoughts on why the music biz failed me, why I’m better off without it and why shit sells and good music goes unnoticed. Then around mid 2010 I stopped and told myself I was a miserable, ungrateful so and so (language toned down for purposes of decency) and that music didn’t owe me a thing. Infact it was me who was in debt to music for its immense contribution to my life.

It was then I stopped my contrary whining and altered my viewpoint on everything.

I looked for the positive in every situation
Never played the victim role again
Took control of my life and my decisions
Sought to find myself and get comfortable with who I was/am
Dedicated my free time to creative pursuits

There’s a few more things I changed but that’s for another discussion and another time. Basically I did a 180 degree turn on life. Now 3 years later I have hard drives filled with new music
I’m working with a handful of quality labels with passionate music lovers at the helm such as:-

Disko 404
Phuture Shock Music
Naked Lunch
Teng Records

I have a live/dj setup that I can take anywhere in the world and decimate any dancefloor with (that’s big talk I know but my morning porridge has me really fired up!!!!)
On top of that I’m in a really good place in life where I’ve finally made peace with who I am and who I’m not and I’m able to appreciate the wonderful people I have in my life, the opportunities that come my way and also the contribution that I can make to music.

When you want something deep, quirky, and somewhat unique, that’s where my music comes in. I won’t surpass David Guetta’s last album sales, although that would be a great help, but I will enjoy making tiny ripples in the creative hotbed of Underground Music and I’m finally OK with that.

Now what’s stopping you from doing your own thing right now, today, this minute???

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
Quote by Mark Twain

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‘Hacker Wacker EP’ Nubian Mindz Disko404

Read full review of Hacker Wacker EP – Nubian Mindz on ©

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My Thoughts

Positively Contribute

Like it or hate it downloading music for free is the current normal modus operandi for so many and is not something that seems to be going away or changing anytime soon. That said, I won’t waste my time and energy fighting against the music lovers out there who get their music fix this way.

I’m happy to look into ways of improving the channels we use to grant music lovers access to what we artists create and to make it easier for those who derive enjoyment to return some aspect of value to the original creator of that piece of art, but to criminalize 99% of the music consuming public is not an idea I wish to entertain.

However, If you download my music for free and you derive some enjoyment from it, it is fantastic that you like the music (did I seriously use the word fantastic in public???) but I ask that you find a away to positively give back to those artists and music labels who make and release the music you so enjoy.

Let’s not forget there are people putting their heart and soul, blood, sweat and tears into making this music and for the listener to return a token of appreciation allows this process of creation to continue, meaning creative expression doesn’t have to disappear.

Do continue loving this music, keep dancing to it, keep playing it because the bottom line is it is created for the sole purpose of enjoyment but it can’t continue without you, the listener, contributing to the cause in a positive, tangible manner.

“Without music, life would be a mistake.”
-Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols


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How Do You Get Your Music?

How Do You Get Your Music Fix?

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Something that I have really looking at, thinking about and tossing and turning about at night, and a few mornings as well, is how are music fans acquiring their music at the moment?


Vote on the poll above and also comment if you have the time as any and all feedback would be very much appreciated. Thanks for your participation.

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Ok, here’s the scoop.


There are a number of projects in the pipeline which are continuing to come together and here is where you will get the scoop as soon as these become concrete and ready to release into the world.


So what’s up next? A digital album on Bagpak Music very early in 2012… this space!

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New Music

Check Yes



Creative Process

2nd Chapter of 74

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Journey to the 10th Level

Here is where I’ll be showcasing much of what I’ve been up to and everything I will get up to in the future. Expect a smidgeon of all things sci-fi, experimental, futuristic, and bass like with a touch of low brow humour thrown in just for good measure. Be patient with me and I’ll eventually be good to go on here.

Don’t forget you can also get hold of me at:-

Until then enjoy ‘Afrika Man’ which was released on Delsin in 2008 and later featured on the Delsin 2.0 compilation. Peace

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