How Do You Get Your Music?

How Do You Get Your Music Fix?

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Something that I have really looking at, thinking about and tossing and turning about at night, and a few mornings as well, is how are music fans acquiring their music at the moment?


Vote on the poll above and also comment if you have the time as any and all feedback would be very much appreciated. Thanks for your participation.

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  1. I voted other, as I get from a variety of sources. I have a very hard time justifying paying for mp3′s, wavs, flacs etc. So I’m usually getting those from torrents and soulseek. Yes yes, I know it only costs like, 2 bucks, but it feels wrong for some reason.

    If I really REAALLLY like something, I’ll pick up the vinyl from discogs, the local shop, or the labels site (less middle men that way), but less stuff is getting released on vinyl these days. Luckily I like older things.

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